Friday, 24 February 2017

What The Hell Are You Wearing?

Personal style is a funny thing. Some days I feel so ME when I wear a certain item of clothing, outfit or colour, and other days I strive to wear something that's so NOT ME, just to push myself a little. I think clothing has always been the one area in my life that I'm not afraid to take risks in or afraid to try something different. When I was in secondary school around the ages of 14-16, before social media 'taught'everybody what exactly style was, I wore a LOT of questionable outfits. At the same time, I don't ever remember being self conscious about them (and I'm pretty much self conscious about everything else). How I could tell if my outfit choices were a bit 'out there' was if my best friend gave me a weird look like ''what the hell are you wearing?'', which at the time just reassured me I looked 'cool' or at least different. I think now, in the age of social media, it can be hard to be different when you're so used to looking at certain trends or styles, it's nearly ingrained in us what we 'should' be wearing. But don't forget to wear whatever it is you want to wear, whether it's a five year old trend, something that has never been trending or just something that isn't necessarily very YOU

I'd say a year or so ago, I wouldn't have dreamed I'd wear an outfit like this. Like, ever!! A pinafore dress?.. Loafers?.. Not a chance. But lately I'm trying to embrace my more feminine side, and the side of me that's almost in her mid twenties and feels as if she should dress like it. Pinafore dress = feminine. Loafers = woman who's got her sh*t together (maybe). 

Also, please excuse my fairly moody face in some of these photos. It was an extremely windy day, and also, just as we stepped out to take these, it started to rain. The joys! But I did get to try out my new 50mm Lens that I picked up just before I went to London, and that depth of field makes up for any amount of rain. I'll be playing around with this lens a good bit in the next few posts so I'll be able to give a proper review of it soon, if you guys would be interested in that. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I better get dressed and head to college now. I have a lot of work to do!xx

wool coat by me / river island loafers / bershka dress / forever21 polo neck / specsavers glasses


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Notting Hill

My one and only outfit post from London.. I know, disgraceful. But in my defense, it was so cold over in London that I basically wore the same thing everyday which involved about 3-4 layers of clothing. Not very instagrammable! But this day I clearly made a bit of effort. I had picked up this skirt a few weeks ago for my godson's christening and I purposely picked something I could wear again more casually so I was excited to style this up again. I teamed it with a black polo neck, but I ended up buying this knitted jumper in a charity shop in Notting Hill because it was just that cold. The best thing about it is that a jumper like this was on my wishlist (see my wishlist here) so it was a justified purchase (and the money went to charity. woo!). 

I must say, Notting Hill is just as pretty as I expected. I've wanted to visit ever since seeing the movie, and when I see other bloggers taking beautiful outfit photos in the area I knew I wanted to pop out and take some photos myself. Almost every house is house goals!! Do check out the area if you're ever visiting London.

coat made by me / jumper thrifted / skirt boohoo / runners primark / bag thrifted / glasses glassesshop

Thursday, 2 February 2017

DIY Leopard Print A-Line Skirt

I'm finally bringing you a brand new DIY today that I rustled up in no time at all really last week. It's a project I've wanted to do for ages. I've wanted to do a simple A-line skirt tutorial here to show you how simple they can be to make, and also I wanted a leopard print skirt. I've made the pattern from another skirt I own too so regardless if you're a wiz at pattern drafting, own a pattern for a skirt or are a true beginner, it really doesn't matter. Also to note I used an upholstery (homeware) fabric to make this so you don't even have to be too picky with fabrics. I love how mine turned out. 

Here's what you need:

To make my pattern pieces I traced around an A-line skirt that I already owned, and that fit me well. I first traced half of the skirt for the front piece so that when I cut it out on the fold it would be perfectly symmetrical. I added a 1 cm seam allowance to the waist and sides, and 4 cm at the hem.

For the back piece, I wanted to add 2 darts, so I first traced the pattern I had just made for the front of the skirt. I marked where I wanted my darts to go (in the center of the piece, and how wide and long I wanted it to be - 2 cm width, 11 cm depth. I then added 2 cm on at the side of the waist to compensate for taking it out for the dart, and joined this point back into the side of the skirt. I added a 1 cm seam allowance the the left side of the back piece because I remembered I had to add in the zip in this seam. (so it wasn't cut on the fold)

I left the facing the same for the back and front as it didn't require a dart. I made this by tracing the top section of the skirt. You can see on the skirt where I marked the dotted line. This is the facing line. I cut the facing on the fold x 2 but I later remembered that I needed to cut one of them in half, again to allow for the zip.

I cut the front piece on the fold of the fabric so I would have one large piece, and I cut the back piece twice becasue this required a seam down the back for the zip.

 Step 1 :The Darts

These always come first. Sew the darts in the 2 back pieces. Press them facing in toward the center seam.

Step 2: Inserting the Zip

Sew up the center back seam , but don't back-stitch at the top becasue we'll have to unpick this later. Press the seam flat. This will make inserting the zip really easy. You'll also need to make sure your zip is long enough to come down to the widest part of your hips so that the skirt will go on you properly. 

Lay the closed zip on top of the center back seam. Pin and sew in place as close to the zip opening as possible. If you have a zipper foot this will be much easier.

Rip back the stitches in the center back seam as far as the zip opening, and then secure the end of the seam by sewing over this area on your machine again, making sure to back-stitch.

Step 3: Putting the skirt together

Pin and sew the front and back pieces together along the side seams. Press the seams open, and finish with overlocking or a zig-zag stitch (alternatively you can do this to all the edges before you start sewing if you wish).

Step 4: Attaching the facing

Sew both of the facing pieces together at the ends (1 cm seam allow) and cut one of them down the center. This will allow for the zip. Your facing should look like this.

Line up the side seams of the facing and the skirt. Pin the facing to the skirt, right sides of the fabric together. Sew around the top of the skirt 1cm in, the whole way around.

Finish this edge with a zig-zag stitch or overlock it.

Turn the skirt inside out, and press all the facing seams as flat as possible.

 Turn in the excess facing fabric around the zip opening, and hand stitch in place.

Step 5: Hemming

Turn up the hem of the skirt 2 cm, and then again another 2 cm to create a rolled hem. Press in place really well with your iron. I hand stitched the hem in place with a stocking stitch to prevent it from showing through on the right side of the fabric, but feel free to do this by machine if you would rather.

Et Voila.. A brand new skirt to style up and enjoy. I styled mine with this pretty frilled blouse and my new nudey/pink bomber jacket that I nabbed in the Zara sale. It'll be a great alternative to a fur coat or leather jacket n the Spring when it gets a bit warmer and it's a nice shade for adding in more colour too. I think it goes quite nicely with the leopard print. I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and if you do give this a go yourself be sure to snap me/tweet me/Instagram me all of your photos. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the outfit photos.xx

bomber jacket ZARA sale (similar) // flared blouse H&M // boots BOOHOO


Monday, 30 January 2017

My Current 40 Piece Capsule Wardrobe

As it is coming in to a new season shortly (come on Spring!), and I also never updated you guys on my Winter Wardrobe, I thought I'd put together a post on what I currently have in my wardrobe. I have a weird way of keeping track of the pieces I own and different ways I could style them by saving an image of the item (or one very similar) in a folder on my laptop labelled 'Capsule Wardrobe' and every so often I'll style up some outfit collages on Photoshop. Is that really sad? :P

However, I find it great to have a system to keep track of pieces you own so you can see an overview of your wardrobe instead of having to physically look through everything you own. That can get messy. When I'm thinking of investing in something new, I'll find an image, pop it in the folder, and see if it goes with the other pieces. Anyway, here's a look at the 40 pieces in my current Capsule Wardrobe.

11 Tops : This doesn't include basics like plain t-shirts and vest tops. It consists of turtle necks, jumpers, my plaid shirt, and a few blouses. It's a nice mix of casual and dressy.

8 Bottoms: This mainly consists of jeans, but I have a few pairs of leggings (normal and flared) and a couple of skirts.

2 one-pieces: a basic cami dress and dungarees. I also do have one other dress in my wardrobe currently but I don't wear it very often so I'm leaving it in my occasion wear section (which doesn't get included in the capsule wardrobe - it's never very many items anyway).

8 outerwear: Coats, jackets and cardigans. See my post on my Minimal Coat Collection HERE.

9 shoes: A mix of casual flats, dressy flats, boots, heeled boots etc. I don't include any heels because again they are more occasion wear.

2 bags: a black one and a red one. The only other one I could possibly need (want) would be leopard print.

I'll be doing my best to keep the number of items I own in my wardrobe down, but I do plan on making a few new pieces for DIY posts sooo don't judge me for that :P It's for a good cause. I do tend to swap them out for another item if I wear them a lot or pass them on (charity shop or depop) if I don't use/wear it as much as I thought. How are you guys getting on with your Capsule Wardrobes if you've started one? How many pieces are in yours? Maybe I could challenge myself to have even less.

Catch up on my Capsule Wardrobe Videos HERE


Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Style Thigh High Boots

Today's post is a mix of a styling post and styling video. I thought I'd share something a little extra instead of just the video, so depending on whether you prefer to read a blog post or watch a video, here's both.

I mentioned in another post (My 40 Piece Capsule Wardrobe) that I save images on my laptop of similar pieces to what I own in my wardrobe and then collage them into outfits. Well that's exactly what I did with this post above. It's also how I plan outfits for videos and styling posts. I actually really enjoy it, and it's a great way to see how pieces might work together without having to get out of bed and try them on (I swear I'm not that lazy). 

Thigh High Boots are usually associated with Autumn or Winter style but I find Spring fashion can be quite similar to Autumn fashion. It all involves lots of layering and styling pieces in a transitional way. In Ireland anyway, Spring is still quite chilly until about April, so thigh highs are a great way of keeping your legs warm. To make them more Spring appropriate try wearing them with lighter colours, like creams, nudes and beiges or a light denim. Layer up with long coats to ensure your entire body is still covered from the breeze or if you want to wear them with a mini skirt or dress, throw on a pair of nude tights (if you can handle feeling a bit granny-like). You can barely see them but they add that extra layer of warmth. You could also try styling a lighter coloured pair of boots in a grey or beige colour like these from ASOS or these

I created a Board on Pinterest of some of my favourite outfits styling Thigh High Boots if you guys want anymore inspiration. Check it out HERE


Saturday, 28 January 2017

5 Ways to Stop Impulse Shopping

Recently I've become a lot more minimal. I wouldn't say I'm a full blown minimalist, but that's the goal. So in order to live more minimally I needed to curb my spending habits and stop hoarding. On the plus side, I also save money, along with having less clutter and a tidier space (and mind). Here are some of the ways I stopped impulse shopping so much.

Stop going shopping. 

If you're trying not to impulse shop, the easiest way is to avoid shops at all costs. Don't go 'window shopping', don't go for a browse.. Because you're going to find something you didn't even know know you wanted. And then you'll have to persuade yourself not to buy it. This also goes for online shopping, just un-bookmark your favourite stores and don't go near them. Unsubscribing from their emails would also be a great help in keeping them off your mind. Unroll Me is a great website for unsubscribing from mass amounts of junk emails at once. I think I discovered it from some other blogger, and every so often they'll email me a list of subscriptions that might be junk. Very handy.

Keep a wishlist

You may think this would make you want to shop more but actually, it's better to have a small list of things you know you really want and that you've also spend time considering. You can make sure these pieces work with the rest of your wardrobe too. You could create a Pinterest board labelled WISHLIST (that's mine up there) and add anything to it that you think would be a good investment piece. BUT the catch is that before you buy anything, it must stay in your wishlist for AT LEAST 30 days. Anything less and it's just impulse shopping again. Then, when you have a bit of money to spend or want to treat yourself, you can pick an item from your list, knowing full well that it has been properly considered for your style and your wardrobe.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe.

photo credit Harper's Bazaar

This might sound like a funny way of not shopping, but I promise you, once you curate your own Capsule Wardrobe that suits your style, taste and lifestyle, you won't want to ruin it with impulse buys again. Not never, but a lot less. So that's where the other tips come in to play. When you experience the joy of having less clothing but wearing all of it, and LOVING all of it, it would be very hard to get back to hoarding masses amounts of impulse buys.

See my tops tips on creating a Capsule Wardrobe HERE

Decide where else you'd like to spend your money.

By spending you money more intentionally, you will see that you have more than you thought to play with. By cutting out your daily latte or weekly magazines or in this case, your weekly trip to Zara, you could save up enough to do something much more meaningful like going on a holiday. Doesn't that sound much better than having a few extra pieces of clothing? Or you could invest in something that might be of value to you and even earn you some extra money, like a sewing machine, a new camera or taking a class.

Make a list of 5 other things you could do instead of shopping

Whether you go shopping as a social thing with your friends or sisters, or you do it as a bit of 'retail therapy' / 'me time', I'm sure there are plenty of other things you could do instead. Try inviting your girls around to your house for tea and lunch instead of going out (also saves more money) or for some pamper time try having a bath, doing a face mask, going for a walk at your nearest beach or watching a feel-good movie. It is way too easy to buy yourself something when you need a little pick-me-up but I assure you there are other ways. And hey, shopping is never as relaxing as you imagine anyway.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

My Minimal Coat Collection

I've never really owned a lot of coats and I used to say I didn't have enough, but looking at this little collection now I think I actually have all the basics covered. My grey wool coat is my most recent addition, which I actually made as part of College, and now that I have something in a lighter colour, I think I'm finally set. If you're thinking of building a Capsule Wardrobe and are wondering which coats/outerwear you should have or keep, here's my tops 6.

1. Trench Coat
This is the perfect all year round coat. It's light enough to wear through Spring and Summer, and roomy enough to layer under for Autumn and Winter. I love the beige shade too becasue it's a great neutral but a nice bright colour to lift darker outfits. I picked mine up in a second hand clothes sale.

2. Faux Fur / Leopard Print Coat
This is probably my most worn coat I own and I've had it for 6 years (and it's still going strong). I feel that leopard print goes with everything so I can literally wear it with any outfit. And the fact that it's faux fur means it's really warm and cosy. It does usually get pushed aside for the warmer Summer months but I will never, ever get rid of it. It's my cold weather saviour.

3. Grey Wool Coat
This is a great coat for a minimalist. Perfect shade and perfect style. I love the tie waist. This isn't my exact coat but it is very similar to the one I made (If you wanna see that you you can see it in this OOTD Post). It's great to have a lighter colour in my wardrobe too to balance out all the black. And it's a bit more dressy too.

4. Leopard Biker Jacket
This is my fun jacket. Again, leopard print.. So I wear it with anything, but if I'm looking for something more fun than my plain biker jacket this is what I will grab. I don't wear it as much as I thought I would but I do still love it and think it's also a bit timeless. So there's still plenty of time to wear it.

5. Black Coat
What can I say? Black coat's are pretty essential becasue they go with evveerryythhhingg. I picked mine up in a charity shop but it was actually new with tags (very handy). The leather look sleeves are a nice detail too.

6. Black Biker Jacket
The holy grail of all outerwear. I love it for grunging up a nice dress or something more girly, or to dress down something fancy. It's also a good cold/wet weather outfit. Mine isn't real leather, which is great because I've decided not to wear any real leather anymore, but you definitely don't need to spend a tonne or get a real leather one to get a nice biker jacket.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Life Update

A little chatty life update for those of you who are interested. I'm chatty a little bit about jobs, college, moving away and plans for my new blog. hope you enjoy, and don't forget to Subscribe xx


Sunday, 15 January 2017

How much of Our Make-up is Cruelty Free?

I went through all of the make-up in my makeup bag yesterday and today I'm showing you which ones are Cruelty Free and which ones are not. You might be suprised about some of the brands. If you're wondering about any other brands I'll link an image I've pinned with a huge list of cruelty free and non-cruelty free brands for makeup, skincare and haircare HERE. Hope you guys enjoy the video x


Saturday, 14 January 2017

5 Healthy Habits to add to your New Year

It has been proven that having a set routine can contribute to the overall outcome of your day, so developing a great morning routine will be greatly beneficial to the positivity and productivity of your day. So if you have a million and one things you want to achieve this year, starting the day well will help you towards your goals. I've listed below 5 Healthy Habits I have started incorporating into my mornings and throughout my day to help me feel a little bit happier, positive and productive. 

I've also popped in a few shots of one of my latest outfits featuring this coat I made for my college assessments. They are finally over (until my next one in April) so it's back to regular uploading for me again.

1. Meditate

Meditation is extremely popular right now. You could even go as far as to say it's a trend. That being said, it's probably one of the most beneficial trend you could ever get on board with as it has been proven to have loads of benefits. It can help you deal with depression, anxiety, stress, to name but a few issues, but it can also help you live more presently, in the present moment, become more aware of your surroundings and your own body and mind. Just 10 minutes a day can have a huge effect on your overall wellbeing, so it's definitely worth trying out. I've started using Headspace (it's an app for guided meditiation, and it offers you a free 10 day trial) and I also search guided meditations on Youtube, and I find these really helpful for getting started.

2. Drink more Water

This one is an obvious one, yet so many of us still don't drink enough water. And yes, I am hugely guilty of this. Most days I could run off drinking tea alone, but that's not healthy at all. It is recommended that we drink about 2 litres of water a day (depending on how much physical activity we are doing that day). It helps lubricate your muscles, it's great for getting clearer skin and healthier hair, for flushing out toxins out of our bodies and it aids digestion. So if your feeling slugging or your skin and hair are looking a bit lasklustre, you could probably benefit from drinking more water. Start your day with a glass of water, and fill up your water bottle for the day.

3. Get Outside

Being outside in the fresh air is great. It's not healthy to sit inside all day in a stuffy room, so get out and get a little bit active. Even just going for a short stroll in the great outdoors can benefit you. Being outdoors, or even better, out in nature, can improve your outlook on life, ease stress, strengthen your immunity, improve your focus and it also wakes you up a little bit to breath in fresh air (perfect for avoiding that afternoon slump). You could try going for a short walk in the mornings, sit out on your balcony or in your garden to have your morning cup of coffee, walk your dog, whatever you can do to get that little bit of extra outdoors time.

4. Stretch Daily

When was the last time you tried to touch your toes? Can you do it? If not, your muscles are probably pretty tight, especially if you're not doing regular exercise. Even if you are, it's important to stretch afterwards to avoid your muscles getting tight after training them. Sun Salutations are a really quick and easy way to do some stretching in the mornings. It's kind of like a short yoga routine which is done in sequence. Each one takes only a few minutes, and you can do it as many times as you like to you feel a bit more flexible. It's so important to keep your body active and flexible, especially as you get older. It will also strengthen you muscles and joints, and get your blood flowing, so it's great for blood circulation.

5. Take time Out

In this craziness we call life, it's important to take the time to look after yourself. If you're always worrying about other people, your job, college deadlines, etc, then you'll need to take some 'me time' to reconnect with yourself. You can do this any way you like by doing something you enjoy like taking a bubble bath, doing a face-mask, engaging in a hobby you love or simply having a duvet day and watching re-runs of Friends. If it will make you a little bit happier and relaxed, do it!

Coat by me // boots* ZAFUL // skirt* DRESSLILY (similar) //bag RI // top F21 // scarf from Nepal / hat DRESSLILY
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