Sunday, 19 March 2017

4 WAYS | Tailored Trousers

I recently picked up 2 pairs of black tailored trousers in a charity shop for €1 each (I know, ridiculous!) but I have yet to wear them, mainly because I bought them in preparation of my internship starting in April, so I could have something smart to wear. But it would be nice if I was able to put together a few looks with them that I could wear anytime, so here's a few little styling options.
4 WAYS | Tailored Trousers

I put it together on Polyvore, which I haven't used in ages, but I watched a video by USE LESS on how she puts together outfits, and it resparked my love for Polyvore. This time however I did use quite a few expensive items in the outfits so I didn't bother linking them. It was more about 'a red handbag' than 'a red Michael Kors bag'. If you click on the image it will take you through to all the links but this for me is more about the overall look than the individual pieces. You guys probably own most of these pieces already anyway. That's the point!

My favourite look is probably the first one with the 'girl power' t-shirt, firstly because that t-shirt is awesome (I may have ordered one myself) but also because it's very laid back and very Spring and Summer appropriate, which is exactly what I need for my internship. You could dress it up with a heel and biker jacket instead, as with any of the looks. Change the shoes and outerwear for a more casual or more dressy look. 

The 2nd look is ideal for a work environment where you need to look smarter, but as I'll be doing a fashion internship I don't suppose it will be that conservative. Again, switch up the loafer for a ballet flat or even a black court heel. For outerwear I'd probably add a trench coat.

The 3rd look is possibly the more effortlessly cool look ever, and I'm not even sure I'm cool enough to pull it off. But again they are such basic pieces, a stripe top, a biker jacket.. Very simple. I think it's the red bag and statement shoes that really make the look.

And finally, if it does get a little chilly over in Berlin, or when I'm back in Ireland, a bomber jacket is a really cool way to add a bit of off-duty vibes to a tailored trouser, but also some warmth. Especially with the addition of the polo neck. And I figured an ankle boot had to make an appearance.

What's your favourite look, or how would/do you style tailored trousers? All recommendations welcome. I've never worn tailored trousers before.


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